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Love from Legacy Change Agents

“Children are to a community, what oxygen is to life. Sure, we can survive on poor quality and can do without for a while but to thrive we need to invest in quality.” ~ Shirley Sykes, Board Vice President

“Community based programs like Legacy are essential foundational cornerstones to the families they assist. Legacy is the glue that holds everything together and fills in the gap between what parents and schools can not do alone.  Legacy allows scholars to excel past their normal limits. We fully support Legacy and look forward to continuing our journey together.” ~ Trinitee and Marie Lofton, Scholar and Parent

“Being a part of Legacy promotes the growth of our community and youth. Change must occur. I am an agent of that change. Legacy brings that change.” ~ Melody Harvey, Collegiate Board Member

“Legacy is viable to our community because it empowers our youth to develop into the best well-rounded leaders that they can be. Since my daughter has become a mentee in this program, she has gained more confidence, support, and encouragement. She has also learned how to communicate better while learning different strategies on how to handle academic and personal problems that may arise in the future. As a parent, I am thankful that my child has a group she can depend on outside of the home. By supporting Legacy, you can take pride in knowing that you will be helping our local youth become the leaders of our future.” ~ Ashley Viverette, Parent of Youth Board Member, Zikeya

“Legacy provides opportunities for so many in the community to be connected to an environment of growth and leadership. Legacy is a life changing experience.” The Back to School Program is named in hour of their late son, William. Their son, Chris, worked with the summer camp. Their sons, Rubin and Martin, are graduates of the summer camp. Rubin is a 2020 Graduate of Forest High School.  ~  Eddie and Tina Brown, Advisory Board Members

“The Legacy and Community Empowerment Foundation reaches out to the surrounding community and neighborhoods to help our youth become goal oriented, strategic thinkers and leaders in our communities.  We encourage children to make education a way of life, to be curious and ask questions. As a young person, they should have lots of dreams. We teach them that reading feeds the imagination and imagination feeds dreams. ~  Henry Slaughter, C.P.A., Board Treasurer and Board Member of the Year 2019

“Legacy is important to our community because it give both the parents and the children a place and persons that they can rely on for many things.  Legacy has helped my family over four years and I have seen many positive changes.  My children are comfortable in asking questions when they do not understand schoolwork and have learned life skills. As for me being a parent, I appreciate Legacy’s help with helping my children both emotionally and educationally. I often get overwhelmed with parenting, but Legacy is always there to assist me.” ~ Victoria Wash, Parent

“Legacy is a community nonprofit organization where all races come together to teach by example that they are somebody. As the old saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child, Legacy is part of that village.” ~Dorothy Pinkston, Staff

“Legacy is a really good group for the children. Ya’ll really take the time to make sure that they are reading and have everything they need. I thank ya’ll for looking out for the children. I see progress in my child reading in a big way.” ~ Priscilla White, Parent

“Legacy is very vital to the youth and community in that it is an effective educational resource.  The youth involved gain special functional life skills through reading, writing, critical thinking, creativity, and communication. Legacy gives our youth and community an outlet and challenges them to embrace the past, to set achievable goals, and to become better citizens impacting a more positive future in our global society.” ~ Dr. Rhonda Kelley, Educator and Adopt-A-Classroom Partner

 “Legacy help me be good and takes me fun places. We also learn things. This summer during the pandemic, I was able to become a Top 4 Epic Reader Leader with our Online Digital Reading Classroom. It was fun receiving support, encouragement, and rewards!” ~ Ananias McBride, Summer Scholar       

“Legacy gives me an opportunity to reach out to our youth. Our youth need to be taught and trained basic responsibilities that our parents and grandparents taught us according to God’s Word.  It is very essential that we teach our youth community basic skills for them to be successful in life. As mentors, we must do all we can while we can. We must educate and train our children daily. This is the way to have a successful and strong community.  We must pray daily for strength and everything else we need. We must teach our children to do the same. We must teach the power of positive attitudes, controlling anger and other actions, respect, responsibility, repentance.  Although we as adults get tired and stressed, we must make sacrifices for our children. If there is no pain, then there is no gain.” ~ Andrew Crudup, Staff and Staff of the 2019 Year

“Legacy is my extended family.  It gives us a lot of different ways to learn about life while in a fun and safe space. Without Legacy, I would not be able to have Mr. Crudup as my mentor. Mr. Crudup makes Legacy a fun and exciting place because he likes working outdoors.  Thanks to Mr. Slaughter for taking the time to prepare us to be smart and successful in life.” ~ James Burwell III, Youth Advisory Board Member

“Legacy empowers a community by bridging gaps between parents, teachers, scholars, businesses, and educational opportunities.” ~ Constance Burwell, Co-Founder and Parent of Youth Board Member, James     

“Mentoring children in the Legacy program has become one of the greatest fulfillments of mine.  goal.  The children have made many accomplishments. I will continue to help them as they strive to reach their goals in life.” ~ Marquita Patrick, Staff

“I like Legacy because it is an opportunity for students to receive and provide assistance.” ~ Davaughn Spann, Collegiate Board Member

“Legacy gives me the opportunity to give back to our community by providing leadership and encouraging our youth to be the best they can be. I believe in H.Y.P.E (Helping Young People Excel)”  ~ Shonnette Kelley, Board Member

“Legacy knows that it is extremely important that our children are provided with a quality education starting at the earliest age possible.  Legacy assists by providing needed support, tools, and guidance especially with interactive activities. “  ~ Elizabeth Ferrell, Staff

“Legacy is viable to our community and youth because the value shows in the education component and the importance of reading. The mentors and leadership in place provide remarkable results of goal setting and accomplishment. ~ Dorothea VanBuren, Advisory Liaison Officer and granddaughter, Royale’

“Children, community, and education go hand-in-hand in the development and growths of today’s society. Children are important because their presence ensures continued existence of humanity. Therefore, they must be education academically, spiritually, as well as socially since these factors will prepare them to carry on as elders and leaders.  Legacy’s work consistently encompasses a love for children, community and education.”  ~ Stephanie Rhodes, Board Secretary

“Legacy is vital to our youth and community because its sole purpose is to give back. Growing up in a community where various organizations invested in me, it is my turn to be a part of something that invests in others.” ~ Tashera Beamon, Collegiate Board Member

“It truly takes a village to raise a child. I am honored to assist Legacy and the legendary Constance Slaughter-Harvey, Esq. in endeavors that support community and its children.” ~ Susan Steffey, Esq., Board Member

“Education is like ‘Wind beneath our Wings’ propelling those who desire to succeed. Every child can learn, just not at the same speed. Legacy has supported community for over 9 years. Community support is important. Show you care by voting. If someone says that your vote does not count, prove them wrong. Vote anyway.” ~ Susie Jackson-Boyd, Educator

“Legacy is all about community and building new leaders. Legacy gives children and young adults numerous opportunities that they most likely wouldn’t have if Legacy weren’t here.” ~Myla Sanders, Collegiate Board Member