Co-Founder and Post Doctoral Associate

Her Story

The Servant Leadership of 

ConStance Olivia Slaughter Harvey-Burwell, Ed. D. (c)

     ConStance Olivia Slaughter Harvey-Burwell serves as president and founder of the OLIVIA Group, LLC., her high school senior year creation and 25-year-young community consulting firm on strategic nonprofit management and education curriculum development in Jackson, Mississippi. She serves as co-founder and reading consultant for Legacy Education and Community Empowerment Foundation, Inc. (Legacy) in Forest, Mississippi.  Legacy provides educational enrichment for low-wealth families of colors in rural Mississippi and worked under the umbrella organization of her late grandparent’s foundation, the W. L. and O.K Slaughter Memorial Foundation incorporated over thirty years ago.

     She specializes in community education. ConStance Olivia is the recipient of two national research and leadership based fellowships, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Fellowship where she assisted vulnerable communities in creating strong education literacy for children through community educational enrichment programs, and the Ford Foundation’s New Voices Gulf Coast Transformation Research Fellowship were she addressed the immigrant and human rights housing needs of displaced Hurricane Katrina victims and she addressed the low-wealth farmer needs to increase and sustain agricultural crop profits in the South.

     ConStance Olivia served as Education Policy Development Liaison for five years at Southern Echo, Inc. in Jackson, Mississippi
. She was actively engaged 
with state education policies of charter schools, 3rd Grade Reading Gate, Common Core State Standards and worked with the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus, Mississippi Legislative Democratic Caucus, the Mississippi Delta Catalyst Roundtable, Mississippi Human Rights Network, Mississippi Immigrant’s Rights Association, Inc. and Dignity in Schools Campaign to improve education conditions in rural Mississippi.  She engaged in education research and was pivotal in the creation of P-16 Community Councils in partnership with the Mississippi Department of Education.

     She has over 25 years of experience assisting Pre-K-college students from various socioeconomic and cultural areas in both public and private educational institutions.  ConStance has over 20 years of experience and networks working across the nation to improve education literacy in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland, and D.C. to encourage a love for reading literacy and youth leadership development.  She has served as education legislative director for Congressman Bennie G. Thompson in Washington (Jet Magazine in 2000 noted her as the youngest permanent congressional staffer), as a servant-leader for Children’s Defense Fund in Chicago, an AmeriCorps Learn and Serve Program director with Operation Shoestring, Inc. in Jackson, education policy liaison with Southern Echo, Inc. in Jackson, and Senior Program Officer for the Slaughter Memorial Foundation, Inc. and the Legacy Education and Community Empowerment Foundation, Inc. in Forest.

      A Forest, Mississippi native, ConStance Olivia holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science (Honors) from Tougaloo College. She holds a 3.8 G.P.A
Master of Science in Reading Education,  a 4.0 G.P.A. Doctorate of Education (Candidate). She is a member of Kappa Gamma Pi and Kappa Delta Pi Honorary Societies. She is a Diamond Life member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and is a legacy. She has written and facilitated many youth leadership and education community engagement models and is in the process of publishing them. Her research is developed through practical experience and scholarly methodology and centers on the global community’s role in shaping education through youth leadership development and educational enrichment opportunities such as literacy summer camps and after-school programs. She has extensively studied and practiced the impact of nonprofits, parents, businesses, and communities as critical supports to early childhood reading literacy, especially in rural areas.

     She is married to her best friend of eighteen years, James, and they have an amazing ten-year-old son, James, III, two goldfish, Leo and Ted, and a senior miniature schnauzer, Ice-A-Pooh.  ConStance homeschools James, III and is a liaison between all parents and schools and academies.  ConStance honors her grandparents, the late Mrs. 
Olivia and Alderman W.L. Slaughter and her parents, the Honorable Constance Slaughter-Harvey, Esq., and the late Mr. Joseph James "Jim" Harvey, Jr., by continually working side by side intergenerationally to collectively maintain the 40-year legacy of empowering community families in Mississippi, one child at a time. ConStance Olivia is an African-American female. (Pronouns: she, her, hers)

Legacy does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. All material on this website is copyrighted 2020 by Legacy, Education and Community Empowerment Foundation, Inc. No material may be republished without Legacy's consent. 

Legado no lo hace y no discriminarán en base de raza, color, religión (credo), género, expresión de género, edad, origen nacional (ascendencia), discapacidad, estado civil, orientación sexual o estado militar, en cualquiera de sus actividades u operaciones. Todo el material en este sitio web es propiedad de 2020 por herencia, educación y comunidad Empowerment Foundation, Inc. Ningún material se puede publicar sin consentimiento de Legacy.

Founder, Board President & Executive Director

Her Story

The Transformational Leadership of

The Honorable Constance Iona Slaughter-Harvey, Esq.

     Our illustrious founder is not only an influential leader, community advocate, and woman upholding national civil rights and equality under the law, but she is an amazing mother, grandmother, and friend. Attorney Constance Slaughter-Harvey has a special legacy of courage, commitment, and service to her community. She believes that access to education creates empowerment through service learning projects. Once access to education empowers families, the community is also empowered.  Empowerment leads to healthier, more informed, well-rounded, stronger, and self-sustaining families.  Empowered families create a thriving, healthy, productive, and empowered community. 

     Constance Iona Slaughter was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1946. Her family moved to Forest where her parents, the late Alderman Willie Lee (W.L.) and Librarian Olivia Kelly (O.K.) Slaughter, were both educators.  The Slaughters instilled in Constance the importance of independence, that race was no barrier, and that a person’s worth is determined by the contributions they make to others and not money or materialistic things.  She always gives her parents credit and states  “my parents taught me that right is always right”.

     Our founder knows that life is not fair, but that you can overcome any injustice if you try.  Attorney Slaughter-Harvey has over 60 years of overcoming systematic injustices.  These injustices were imposed upon her due to her skin color, gender, and state in which she was born. Despite the gross injustices of the American society, including Jim Crow in the South, Attorney Slaughter-Harvey knew that she had a role to play in making this world a better place than the way she found it.
     Attorney Slaughter-Harvey has received over 3,000 awards and holds the numerous titles of major firsts, including the first female Student Government President at Tougaloo College, Assistant Secretary of State for the State of Mississippi for Elections and Public Lands and President of National Association of Election Directors. Additionally, she was the first African-African female to become a judge in Mississippi and to receive a law degree from the University of Mississippi’s Law School.  She is a Golden Life Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

     Over the years, Attorney Slaughter-Harvey remains faithful to God, does what she can do, and remains a viable part of her Scott County community of Forest, Mississippi.  She wants to ensure that all children, especially in her rural and low-income community, city, county, and state, can strive for the stars and pursue their dreams.  She wants all children to learn all the skills needed to survive in this society and this world.  She imagines Legacy as supporting, encouraging, and creating a safe space for children, students, and parents to learn to make informed and positive life choices.  These choices remind children and parents that they do have choices in life and it is solely up to them to make positive choices that empower their lives. 

     Legacy was officially founded on August 11, 2011, but has over 40 years experience of providing services to the communities of Scott and Newton Counties in Mississippi.  The W.L. Slaughter Memorial Foundation and Library and Attorney Constance Slaughter-Harvey provided legal and educational services after the transition of Alderman W.L. Slaughter. Mrs. Olivia Slaughter and her daughter, Constance Iona, continued to provide legal and educational community services in memory of Alderman Slaughter. 

     Mrs. Olivia Kelley Slaughter transitioned in 1991 and Attorney Slaughter-Harvey and her daughter, Constance Olivia, continued to provide community services through the W.L. and O.K. Slaughter Memorial Foundation and Library. Attorney Slaughter-Harvey led, as the founder and Constance Olivia as the co-founder of Legacy Education and Community Empowerment Foundation, Inc., the expansion of new community services to include youth and student enrichment, mentoring, reading instruction and remediation, enhancement services, inter-generational programs,  and other educational and empowerment programs. 

Please note that her biography is extensive and may either be Googled or emailed to you upon your request at (601) 469-0990 or

      Attorney Slaughter-Harvey has a daughter, Constance Olivia (Co-Founder), a son-in-law, James, II. and a grandson, James, III.  Together they enjoy living a legacy of life, love, and literacy.  Attorney Slaughter-Harvey is an African-American female. (Pronouns: she, her, hers)