MISSION: Living a legacy of life, love, literacy, and leadership. The fellowship identifies and links community youth to international leadership development supports, fosters collaborations, develops high expectations, and provides meaningful service learning and confidence building through educational enrichment opportunities. Fellows have been making a meaningful selfless contribution since our inception in 2011.

DUTIES: Working with a team model, a Legacy Fellow will be taught to share volunteer management of all programs and establish goal-oriented service learning plans, strategic planning, youth leadership development, program behavioral and tutoring support, after-schooling, and summer schooling programming, recreational outings, as well as informal peer mentoring and coaching, outreach, and ambassadorship.


QUALIFICATIONS: Respectful, good student, volunteer, good communication skills, ability to work individually or with a team, creative and can think outside the box, community-oriented, goal-oriented, must want to be the best person she or he can be in life.

BENEFITS: Ambassador for a nonprofit community organization; networking opportunity; traveling opportunity; resume reference, eligible for free legal, financial, educational and career planning support services, and a stipend. 

START DATES:  Nominations and interviews are performed on a rolling basis. Fellowships are available immediately as well as throughout the year. To make a nomination call 601-469-0990.  The nominee will be interviewed at the Legacy headquarters four days after the nominations is submitted to Legacy.  

Legacy Change Agents Servant Leaders Community Fellowship

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Legacy Change Agent Fellows

2020: James Burwell III,

Zakiya Gill, &

Breyial Joseph

2019: Ah'Mad Summers &

Mykeria Hayes

2018: The late William Brown &

Asia Williams

2017: Martin Brown &

Jacqueline Williams

2016: Rubin Brown &

Nurivet Santiago

2015: James Burwell III &

My'Quita Bradford

2014: Brian Texoco

2013: Gabriel Moncrief

2012: Latrevious Pinkston

2011: Brian Texoco